What are the benefits of using Kangoo Jumps?

   Can Kangoo Jumps be used by anyone?

   Is it difficult to learn how to use Kangoo Jumps?

   Do doctors recommend the use of Kangoo Jumps?

   I am not sports-oriented, coordinated and overweight, can I use Kangoo Jumps?

   Why am I experiencing discomfort in my shoulders/lower back / feet?

   I am experiencing discomfort in the arch of my foot, what can I do?

   I am very light in weight and cannot compress the Kangoo Jumps, what can I do?

   How high can you jump with the Kangoo Jumps?

   My buckles are stiff, what can I do to loosen them?

   How often should I replace the tension springs?

   Why has my Shell Broken?

   How do I clean my Kangoo Jumps?

   Are all the components of the Kangoo Jumps replaceable?

   Can Kangoo Jumps be used in the cold, or on snow?

   Is there a DVD or Music CD I can purchase that is specifically for use with Kangoo Jumps?

   How much do Kangoo Jumps Cost?

   Where can I go to try on a pair of Kangoo Jumps?

   How about the quality of the Kangoo Jumps?

   Are the Kangoo Fitness programs difficult in comparison with normal aerobics?

   Are the Kangoo Fitness programs safe?

   Can I practice Kangoo TTR, Kick or Powert at home?

   Have the Kangoo Fitness programs been approved by official fitness organizations?

   Do I need to buy a pair of Kangoo Jumps to attend a Kangoo class in a Gym?

   Where is the closest Fitness Center offering Kangoo classes?

   Which are the main benefits of Kangoo TTR?

   Are there scientific studies about Kangoo Jumps and the Kangoo Fitness programs?

   How do I replace my Sole Clamps?

   Why are they so effective at weight loss?

   What are the main parts of the body that will be firmed up?

   How do they balance people so that they don’t fall over in them?

   Why is it better to use them while jogging than just to jog in normal running shoes?

   Is the trend for using them growing and why?

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